Would you vote me over Barack obama

Posted by: brad1999

I am a Moderate Republican i support gay marriage don't support abortion if i was president i would invest 60 million dollars in education to make sure kids get a great eduaction thank you.

  • Brad Esterline

  • Barack Obama

42% 10 votes
58% 14 votes
  • im pro choice and i don't like conservative economics so no

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Why trust a guy like that over Obama?

  • I don't like Obama but I am anti-gay

  • I don't trust Brad, maybe he intends to enforce the Mafia, and besides, I don't want a president to support gay marriage.

  • Barack Obama is bad, but gay marriage is messed up, at least you agree abortion is bad, but 60 mill. dollars plus an 18 trill. debt to China and other nations will put us in poverty.

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TBR says2015-04-30T21:45:33.3889206-05:00
Do you mean an additional 60 billion, or 60 million? You know we spend ~140b/year. 60 million would not be a big deal.
triangle.128k says2015-05-01T14:42:46.2105200-05:00
Why do Conservatives hate Obama so much? He's not even that liberal, he's very moderate.
triangle.128k says2015-05-01T14:43:45.1247466-05:00
I'd rather have him stay as president (if term limits didn't exist) over Hillary Clinton becoming the president.
brad1999 says2015-05-01T14:54:10.6051729-05:00
Yes a additional 60 million dollars
gavin_casey6 says2015-12-10T17:54:17.8457995Z
Yes omg yes Obama sucks so bad i would vote anyone over Obama no matter what btw gay marriage is bad the Bible is against it

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