• Type the essay

  • Hand-write the essay

81% 61 votes
19% 14 votes
  • I write faster than I type, but typing is funner and hurts my hand less. It's also more neat and formal.

    Posted by: yay842
  • i also write faster than i can type but typing is more convenient and you can do it while on the go.

  • -Typed essays are easier to edit. -Typing looks more professional. -More comfortable -Quote inclusion only requires copy and paste.

  • I have bad hand writing.

  • typing Is really convenient, and plus it checks your grammar and spelling

    Posted by: Ver
  • Two words, spell check.

  • I think better and write faster on a keyboard.

  • I am sad to say I think it would be easier to type it out. THOUGH, if I never had got online or rarely, I would write it by hand. Handwriting it is a lost artform, sadly :( And, a lot of people are lazy, me being one of them. I'm better online at typing that writing offline, but I like both, but it would be again easier to type it for me.

  • Only for spell auto spell check ;-)

  • I write faster than I type.

    Posted by: leojm
  • There are fewer distractions when you write an essay. You have better concentration, which benefits your writing.

  • I would write my essay, because if you type it you may lose it or accidently delete your essay. Plus, I like to write and it is faster to me.

  • I picked writing because I love it and I think its more reliable than technology

    Posted by: mhogue
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leojm says2013-09-10T20:31:59.1725971-05:00
Typing stiffens your figures.
leojm says2013-09-15T17:46:03.1094269-05:00
*fingers Whoops! Lol
Baymax says2015-04-11T13:22:10.6575602-05:00
joycemorgan says2017-06-07T09:16:47.5634704Z
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angelaemely1 says2017-08-07T10:04:58.3030213Z
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floraphilips says2017-09-27T07:21:29.1200761Z
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WideeMaryann says2017-12-18T20:34:18.5542026Z
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