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60% 12 votes
  • UFC is not staged. WWE is repeating scenarios since they cannot come up with new ideas. The current roster of UFC are more talented. Max, Khabib, Tyron and Rose are better UFC fighters then Brock, Ronda, Seth and AJ are staged wrestlers. When realising WWE is not real you realise that they act really stupid. One minute Dean is good and the next he is bad. It is even predictable so WWE is stupidly predictable. UFC is full talent which either show respect or trash talk. At least I know it is real not an act (apart from Colby Covington but that is an exception not the norm).

  • Actual fighting vs. Staged. . . . . Pretty simple here, Folks.

  • There is no mud wrestling in the UFC

  • real. .

  • Actually know how to fight.

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