• Xbox One (S/X)

  • PS4

38% 10 votes
62% 16 votes
  • PS4 Gamers are just Jealous becoz XBox Gamers are the XtremeBosses in the Gaming Field. We have original 4K 60FPS + the Latest XBox One X supports upto 8K 30FPS, Can your shi8ty PS4 do that? Also, XBox has MINECRAFT for FREE ( :D ). XBox also offers Virtual Console Apps like "XBox Live", "XBox" and "XBox Network" FREE w/ Every Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Installation for PC Gamers (usually Potato PC owners, No offense) who can't afford a Game Console. Also, The new XBox One X has Nvidia GeForce Experience (RTX) while PS4 still has the Medieval Style GRAPHICS ACCELERATORS, No wonder it's a SONY product (coz almost[86%] all 2000s Sony Products have LAGs and FLAWs w/ the System). Convert NOW to XBox, Don't be a PS4! It's FREE. Have a Great Day :D

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JL0240 says2020-02-06T14:47:32.5646941Z
Xbox very bad ps4 good
130821 says2020-02-06T18:51:46.9549074Z
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-02-11T21:27:44.7893695Z
The Konami plug and play. The one with the original version of Frogger.
Anonymous says2020-03-27T00:27:20.3289273Z
Last time i checked, Xbox's minecraft had WAY LESS BLOCKS so -100 points to xbox.

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