• Nintendo Switch

  • Xbox

43% 20 votes
57% 27 votes
  • Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, F-Zero, and Animal Crossing. Plus Zelda is my favorite video game franchise.

  • You can take it anywhere, and xbox is old. In addition, the switch has botw, which is my favorite game. lol

  • You're like comparing a phone to a computer. Nintendo Switch is a portable console and Xbox is a home console. I own both, and I use them both because of their purposes. onaunrelatednoteipickedswitchbecauseilikenintendomore

  • I pick Xbox because I like Halo. This is just a personal preference. Also, it bugs me that the Green Xbox logo is in the red box, and the red Nintendo switch logo is in the green box.

  • Xbox is blue

    Posted by: Foon
  • Better everything. Yeah, maybe only for home... but it beats Nintendo in every other way. Sorry...

    Posted by: Wali06
  • Xbox all the way.

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