• Xbox is better

  • PS(s)

50% 25 votes
50% 25 votes
  • Games are 10x better. PS4 is quantity over quality in games (except The Last of Us and Uncharted). PS4 has mainly crappy indie games.

  • Xbox has less problems, the system is more user-friendly, and it's cheaper. The xbox one also has much better backwards-compatibility capability and microsoft is owned by an American, while sony is owned by a jap.

  • it has a better and faster user interface, I've found being connected to the same router, Xbox has a faster wireless chip, backwards compatibility works better, also superior exclusives even if it doesn't have the numbers

  • I love the xbox b/c what do you expect the xbox has created a new system and playstation has a lot of lag my dad had to return his cause of the lag after 3 days and it kept on doing it

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Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-04T19:41:27.3707947Z
PC master race?
ViceGaming says2019-01-09T06:37:08.3307907Z
Yes it is

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