• Yahweh

  • Jehovah

73% 16 votes
27% 6 votes
  • Admittedly I'm not entirely clear on the issue, but from my understanding Jehovah was actually an earlier attempt to figure out how to pronounce the Hebrew characters that roughly translate as YHWH. Yahweh is a later, likely more accurate attempt. A similar example might be how before the 1970s, Wade-Giles was the major Chinese translation system, which translated the capital city to Peking. Later the Pinyin system was adopted for its greater accuracy, and Peking became Beijing.

    Posted by: brycef
  • The man that saved people from the Canaanites

  • now days people use yahuah. Or ya'uah, Jesus being yushua or y'shua

  • really, Yahweh is just Hebrew and Jehovah is just the English translation. from what I've read. it doesn't really matter all that much. i use Jehovah though.

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emzylov3 says2017-02-15T13:41:10.4431773Z
YahWeh is the original translation of God's name(hebrew, I'm pretty sure), but Jehovah is simply the English Pronunciation that has been developed for it. There is a slight variation for most languages to suit the language and make sure that more people have the ability to know Jehovah and serve him in their own language, so it is more personal. Both are right, one has just been adjusted for English.
rosends says2017-02-24T02:52:25.0737850Z
I vote "neither"
JimmySwaggart says2017-03-08T17:50:35.3123162Z
Jehovas witnesses are lit.

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