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Posted by: Black-Jesus

Think about it, as computer and robotic programming becomes more and more complex, we are beginning to be faced with a horrible prospect; what if we make a computer simulation of beings whose brains are so powerful that they become self-aware? What if WE are those robotic beings?

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We are a simulation within a simulation within a simulation

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Dude. . .

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We are in the matrix

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We are in the matrix, but after we defeat Agent Smith, it turns out that the "real world" is actually another matrix

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We are a simulation within a simulation within a simulation within a simulation

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We are a simulation and our God is other people

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We are a simulation of sentient, self-aware people manufactured by other self-aware sentient programs

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Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-11T16:12:55.7760485-05:00
There is only one problem if we were a simulation, why would we actually think? A simulation only needs to give an output of a person being conscience, it doesn't require an actual conscience.
Black-Jesus says2015-04-11T16:16:45.0271620-05:00
That's the point though, what if they made a simulated consciousness so complex that it became an actual consciousness capable of free-will within simulated environment
reece says2015-04-11T19:20:53.1714936-05:00
@Black-Jesus One problem, there is no free will.
reece says2015-04-11T19:24:58.8310424-05:00
Saying there is free-will is the same as saying there is Luck, randomness, karma, etc.
Episteme says2015-04-11T19:58:44.3318166-05:00
What you are presenting is a potential epistemological problem. How do we know we're not just brains in vats being controlled by scientists in a lab somewhere - made to believe we have our own free will? I feel that the answer to this is actually - that we don't and probably can never know. I believe Descartes also had an example of an evil demon that tricks us into believing that a certain type of reality is real when it actually isn't. The argument to show that we aren't such beings is that we have our sense of perception as well as our a priori knowledge as well as intuition to help us solidify that we are actually in what we consider to be reality. I think without intuition, a priori knowledge, and our perceptions fully combined convincing ourselves that where we are in life is real, might be more difficult. Epistemologically at least, we have justified belief that what we believe is real, however, whether it is the truth or not is the hardest part to answer.
Furyan5 says2015-04-18T03:29:08.9151988-05:00
Stop wasting time on stupid questions. The answer here is irrelevant as it can't be proven either way and doesn't affect our perceptions. Wether you're really a dork sitting in front of a computer or just a simulation of a dork sitting in front of a computer, you remain a dork sitting in front of a computer.
Black-Jesus says2015-04-18T22:21:53.6069095-05:00
@Furyan5, take it down a notch, why don't you? There are a lot of questions on this website that are unanswerable, but because they don't have silly or unnecessary answers and funny pictures, people like you don't complain about them. This poses a serious question whether you think it does or not; not something to be answered but something to think about for at least a second. You should learn not to take everything so serious, because there is much that you can't do about the things around you, so at least learn to find the humor in it. And not every person that poses an unanswerable question and uses comedy is a dork, just like not everybody who posts comments like yours has a massive stick jammed up their a**.

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