You are given the power to ban people from eating one animal but not its products. Will you ban eating the cow or the pig?

Posted by: Logical.Assasinator

So you still drink cows milk but you can't have burgers or steak. You can't have pork bacon ham or salami if you choose to ban the pig.

  • Ban the eating of cows

  • Ban the eating of pigs

33% 4 votes
67% 8 votes
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Episteme says2015-04-04T15:44:32.6000752-05:00
So... What can you have from the pig? We don't normally drink pigs milk or have bags made. Although, I suppose at one point, they were made into footballs - and we do have pigskin shoes... So essentially the cow has more "products" that could be used, in some ways?
MasturDbtor says2015-04-11T16:29:48.9120870-05:00
@ Episteme Cows can also plow fields. That cows are have so many uses other than food is thought by some anthropologists to be why hinduism forbids eating them. It was economically better to save the cows for other uses. The wise men at the time knew people wouldn't stop eating them based on that argument so they said cows were sacred.

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