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Make gun control looser

10 votes

Keep things the way the are

8 votes
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They need to be more regulated but not banned

6 votes

We should ban certain types of guns

4 votes

They should be BANNED

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Both 2 and 3

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accidentaltourist says2014-05-06T19:08:57.6523338-05:00
I think one reason such fascination is on the rise for guns is the "idea" people may be "banned" from having them which will not happen. And the more people try to be rational the more the puppeteers like the NRA will force the irrationality of having stupid types of guns and stupid amounts of guns and instill propagandized fear in order to sell guns and propagandized fear. That is an agenda for them. The sad part is the causalities of this idiotic war. Children, relatives, passers by, teen agers, victims of domestic abuse. Too many people these days have so much insecurity and stress and it is further fueled by media monkeys like Sean Hannity, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck that they don't know how to cope, they go to rage easily, and blame, blame, blame their blight on everyone else, so in that moment of rage a gun is easy and lethal. Unfortunately it is final. Not only that our own government is so self absorbed, they are pitting man against man to curry favor for votes with out giving a damn for the welfare of the people or the dangerous consequences of this bullsh*t non agenda is generating. If you feel you must have a gun to be secure in your life , fine, but why does it have to be to the point it oversteps my rights to not have them up in my face to the point of absurdity?
vivia says2014-06-24T07:57:37.8078777-05:00
Obama is the best gun salesman I have ever heard. He starts babbling about gun control. He will never learn to keep his opinions to himself.
Dianiekes says2015-10-15T16:45:58.3291158Z
See the only reason people get hurt is by people shooting other people. I mean come on, have you ever seen a gun think "oh I hate this guy, so I'm going to shoot him"? NO you have not, it's the people who aim down the sights and the people who pull the trigger, knowing that they are going to hurt or kill the person that they are shooting at. Why blame the guns when you should blame the people that did harm others and those who influenced them. Think about it, why would a kid that's on his way to Yale walk into his high school class, pull out a gun from his bag and start shooting people for no apparent reason, then be sent to prison for life? It's because of those who influenced him to do it and it was most definitely bullying. Another reason is a simple one that has been in front of us for years. It's called people buying guns and the one's selling not asking for any papers or anything else. I walked into a pawn shop and asked to buy a gun, the man said which one and I pointed at a revolver, he then pulled it out and said why don't you take it out back and have some target practice. THAT WAS A COUPLE YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS 12 YEARS OLD LIVING, IN WICHITA, KS!!! People that own pawn shops and other store's should not be allowed to sell guns to the public, it should be qualified and certified people who know what they are doing and WON'T PUT A GUN INTO THE HANDS OF A 12 YEAR OLD!!!!! Don't be stupid and do what is right. Jeez people it's not that hard, just think.

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