Your opinion on Israel

Posted by: FantumHeist

To me personally I love Israel, but what is your opinion? Add answer if not presented (feel free to just answer without leaving a comment i understand the controversy around subjects like this)

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Israel is a oasis of gold in the desert of the bleeding crescent (Israel is a tiny united states/united kingdom in the middle east)

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If this is about the stand off of Palestinian and Jews: The first fault goes to Palestinian to declining the UN deal, the second goes to the Jews for taking more land then they should have the rest is alternating of mistakes by both sides

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Israel has been stolen from the Palestinians

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They're both crap.

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Isreal uses their Biblical History to destroy and humiliate Palestinianes

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BlargArgNarg says2016-11-07T21:12:50.4852232Z
@dietorangesoda But the Jews were there first.
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-07T22:38:46.8954769Z
@lightseeker Where did you get the idea that most of Europe was Persian? The farthest they made it was Greece.
dietorangesoda says2016-11-08T00:59:36.9704437Z
Who cares who was there first? Thats a child's mentality the jews gave that land up years ago and Palestinians were living there for many years
lightseeker says2016-11-08T08:50:10.0944700Z
@BlargArgNarg that would be enough. So inform those who're living there to leave ASAP. Those lands are ours. Also Americans should also leave their country. That land belongs to Indians.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T14:00:37.5392316Z
The Jews were pushed out by the Romans. They didn't "give up" the land.
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-08T15:12:50.5450071Z
@dietorangesoda They were invaded and annexed by the Romans. If the Romans had never invaded, then it would still be Jewish land.
lightseeker says2016-11-08T15:21:01.5893548Z
@BlargArgNarg Cyrus the great liberated Jews of Babylon and told them to go wherever they want. Some went there and others scattered around the globe. Many came to Persia. Those who were living there, were not exiled by Muslims. They either sold it to others or decided to leave the land and go elsewhere. Also, it's pretty foolish to distribute land based on the things that happened thousands of years ago. Because that would completely change the map or the world as we know it. But as we know, by the laws we had in the last century, creation of Israel was completely illegal.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T15:25:50.1600046Z
The Jews just went through the Holocaust. They couldn't go back to Europe because the memories were too painful. It might not have been best to create Israel, but it was merciful. It was graceful.
lightseeker says2016-11-08T16:58:46.0816993Z
@ChaseE Palestine is in Europe. And if you've gone through hardship, that doesn't justify your stealing other people's homes and killing their children. Though the whole holocaust thing is a hoax. So, let's call it holohoax shall we?
CuriousFear says2016-11-08T18:37:01.8824778Z
This "but the Jews were there first" argument pisses me off so much that it makes me want to gut myself.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T18:45:17.4352544Z
Dude. I'm not even gonna debate this with you if you say that Palestine is in Europe. Any map will tell you it's in Asia. Also, watch the film "Denial." It's about a Holocaust denier such as yourself suing a professor because he was butthurt.
lightseeker says2016-11-08T21:20:32.0989634Z
@ChaseE. So you understand the meaning of false logic. So what do you say about this one? "They couldn't go back to Europe because the memories were too painful. So they allowed themselves to steal people's land and then drive them out."
dietorangesoda says2016-11-08T23:22:04.3501083Z
Regardless of how they lost it that doesn't mean they can just take it back if that was the case could the indians just take back america?

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