Your Opinion: Under U.S. Law, if a 35 year old woman rapes a 14 year old boy and becomes pregnant, the 14 year old boy must legally pay child support payments to the woman.

Posted by: cludwig

What is your reaction?

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This sick law is a direct reflection of how depraved and sociopathic modern feminism has become

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Incarcerate the woman, give custody to the boy. She should make the support payments

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This is a good law - the male species is scum whose sole purpose is to service women and their children

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This law is an abomination born our of an irrational, morally bankrupt legal system

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This is a good law - all men/boys regardless of age must face up to their parental financial responsibilities

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This is a good law; the needs of the woman and the baby outweigh the boy's

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The time has come for a militant men's rights movement

Enough is enough. The time has come to put the out-of-control courts and feminists in their rightful place - by force if necessary.
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TBR says2015-06-09T16:09:33.5378608-05:00
Can you 1) show me the law, 2) show me any case where this has been the result?
cludwig says2015-06-09T17:16:34.9311251-05:00
It is no joke TBR. The first case was Hermesmann v. Seyer (State ex rel. Hermesmann v. Seyer 847 P.2d 1273 (Kan. 1993). There is a Wikipedia article on this case at
TBR says2015-06-09T17:26:38.8347108-05:00
Just read the article. These are statutory rape rape cases. Your example of 35yo with a 14yo have not been tried. In these cases (referenced) I could not say strictly NO to child support payments.
Forthelulz says2015-06-09T17:30:16.6754984-05:00
Well, if it's a legitimate rape, the woman's body has a way of shutting that whole thing down. *Whips out marshmallows*
cludwig says2015-06-09T18:50:07.6694603-05:00
There are numerous cases TBR. Here is one from 2012 about a Phoenix man who had sex with a 20-year-old woman at the age of 14 now owes thousands of dollars in back child support for a child he never knew existed. Http://www.Washingtontimes.Com/news/2014/sep/2/statutory-rape-victim-forced-pay-child-support/#ixzz3cbzbePg1 Then there was the infamous Louisiana case where a woman used the contents of a used condom to impregnate herself, never told the man, gave birth, then sued for child support and won. That's a real class act of a woman.
Stefy says2015-06-09T19:50:47.5314563-05:00
Its imcredibly wrong and also has nothing to do with feminism. You used a serious rape case to whine about women and femenism. Class act.
cludwig says2015-06-09T21:04:01.4883934-05:00
@Stefy. I will dignify your poorly spelled ad-hominem comment by stating that such ridiculous legal outcomes would never happen in the 19th century, or even during the first 50 years of the 20th century before our current wave of modern feminism. I personally challenge you to prove otherwise by siting an example of such a case outcome that dates before 1970. Thus, the tragic and almost comical outcome of these court cases has everything to do with the scourge of debauchery that is modern feminism. My poll, however, provided for alternative opinions/choices of attribution for the asinine outcome of such cases. Just imagine if the roles were reversed. A 30 year old man rapes an underage girl who gets pregnant. The man is then granted sole custody of the child and is granted child support which the 16 year old girl must pay to the 30 year old male rapist. Do you support that Stefy? No, you would be screaming and ranting like a banshee for sure! This is the classic hypocrisy of feminism; an agenda that disgusts me and should be destroyed.
Sophia13 says2015-06-09T21:50:36.7737083-05:00
Let me take this opportunity to get something straight: AS A FEMINIST, I believe the woman should be punished for abusing a minor and the boy should receive custody (whether or not he wants to put the child up for adoption is his choice). Any person who commits such a crime should not be responsible for a child.
cludwig says2015-06-09T22:28:36.5578066-05:00
@Sophia13 I think most people including you and I agree strongly that rapists should not be given custody of children. That being said, as a feminist, do you have a theory as to why the courts seem to have lost their minds on this one?
Sophia13 says2015-06-11T09:06:42.2123212-05:00
@cludwig: I assume the woman probably told the court that the boy assaulted HER, and since males are victims of this kind of crime so rarely, the court most likely believed her. I do believe the baby should be taken care of, but at least by someone who would make a suitable parent. That is definitely not the woman, and if the boy wishes not to take such a responsibility, the child should be put up for adoption.
applestoapples says2015-06-11T23:58:03.6011524-05:00
How can she rape him?
Sophia13 says2015-06-15T22:21:43.8969946-05:00
@applestoapples: By forcing him into a sexual encounter he does not desire.
rphk123 says2015-06-15T23:53:48.2596303-05:00
I think nobody would be paying anything because wouldn't the woman be in jail? If authorities found out the father was 14 years old, then the woman would be sent to prison for rape, am I right?

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