• Trump

  • Hillary

68% 34 votes
32% 16 votes

  • Trump he will destroy Isis he will remedy the economy he will make America Respected Again and he Will make America Great Again!

  • i want a woman president but hilary is just not the right one.

  • As much as other people try to tell me otherwise he is the better of two evils.

    Posted by: KingMe
  • trump, he is going to ban terrorists and make us safe, Hillary enslaves children and treat them like computers, she will increase school days, blah blah blah, affordable collage, is paying attention in class not better than longer school days, just focus in school, she is unfit for presidency, she has seizures

  • I see it this way. Trump is not the best candidate, he is very outspoken. I do think though that he has changed, become a little more presidential. I am giving him a chance. He is unlike most presidential candidates, but there have been political candidates that were unorthodox in their methods and where still successful. Take Winston Churchill for example, he smoked, he drank, was misogynistic, was rude to the public in some instances, etc... Churchill got the job done though. It really doesn't matter who we vote for, I matched up politically with Jill Stein, but I know that the other "parties" don't win. I am putting my trust in Trump. I am only going on the basis of what I think he could do the right thing if needed, even if I don't agree with the person he is. I feel that Hillary is only going to become the first woman president. Bill has corrupted her. I am moronic for thinking this way.


  • Would you rather be shot, or burned alive

  • Probably gonna go overdose on Heroin afterword, still gonna do it.

  • 1. We don't know how Trump will defeat ISIS. 2. Donald Trump has been constantly racist and sexist. He has offended almost everyone except white people. He should try to appeal to other races. 3. Donald Trump has no political experience. 4. He contradicts himself various times. 5. The wall will raise our national debt. 6. How is Trump even qualified to be president?

  • I like Bernie Sanders. However, Donald Trump is quite corrupt and is not releasing his tax returns. I am quite familiar with all the corruption of Hilary, however, we do not know that much from him.

    Posted by: dimer3
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BrendanD19 says2016-10-25T19:31:04.0724201Z
Jill Stein
TheRussian says2016-10-25T19:31:55.3031485Z
Seems like a wasted vote man
Mrpresident16 says2016-10-25T21:08:14.7189958Z
Don't vote jill stein and waste your vote unless if without jill stein you'd vote Clinton. Then vote Kill stein However I encourage you to vote Trump
TheRussian says2016-10-26T01:20:47.4922442Z
Agreed...See, it's weird cause everywhere in a "social media" kind of setting, Trump seems to have more support, but national polls say otherwise
benhos says2016-10-26T03:49:38.1774747Z
reece says2016-10-26T04:57:57.9461551Z
It's a protest vote.
reece says2016-10-26T06:30:01.8167643Z
@TheRussian @Mrpresident16
TheRussian says2016-10-26T18:54:57.0102377Z
I understand, but the protest accomplishes nothing @reece
reece says2016-10-27T04:14:56.6150629Z
@TheRussian It encourages Stein to keep going.
reece says2016-10-27T04:31:33.0558503Z
@Mrpresident16 What incited you to say "Kill stein".
Mharman says2016-10-27T19:05:39.5810398Z
@farmerjump1: Atta boi!
Mharman says2016-10-28T15:42:50.1708104Z
@Falperolf: Shot. Duh.

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