Youtube or Vine?

Posted by: Lewimcdoodle

You tube... Well we all know what Youtube is. Vine is a site much like Youtube bu has 6 second clips.

  • YouTube

  • Vine

91% 40 votes
9% 4 votes
  • youtube has vine and EVERYTHING ELSE. It is just a whole lot better

    Posted by: yay842
  • youtube has vine complications anyway

  • youtube is a to the w to the e the s to the o to the m to the e

  • YouTube is a superior website compared to Vine. While one could argue it has the same mechanics of posting and sharing. YouTube is a much better source, because it has more than one use than to just watch funny videos on the Internet.

  • I can't stand vines

  • you can watch vine on youtube, you cant watch youtube on vine

    Posted by: tipi
  • I'm a youtuber. Which one do you think I'll pick?

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KernGordon says2013-09-12T15:11:44.4468841-05:00
What the hell is vine

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