• Zombies

  • Vampires

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CrypticWinz says2014-07-11T16:28:24.6876386-05:00
Thesouthwillrise yeah I saw that show that's how I came up with this question. And can't vampires feel pain. If they could it would be harder to fight with their claws if one of the zombies bit them in the arm or something like that.
CrypticWinz says2014-07-11T16:29:17.3032176-05:00
(Cont.) They wouldn't be able to kill that many zombies then.
thesouthwillrise says2014-07-13T07:02:19.2895666-05:00
Yeah I guess your right I didn't really think about that. But vampires are extremely quick, so they could swipe fast so the zombies couldn't bite them. Plus, can't vampires turn into bats? So then they can just fly to recover.

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