Stoner Thread!Posted 6 years Ago

hi im baked. bye
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Friends with BenefitsPosted 6 years Ago

As long as the other person is clear on your intentions, you decide for yourself. Do what you want.
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My ConfessionPosted 6 years Ago

I am 15 now, and in the 2 1/2 years from my transition of 12 to 13 I've been through tons of sh*t... and that's a smaller time frame then you. Let it go man, it made you who you are today.
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Shall i do weekly sermons?Posted 6 years Ago

I say go for it if you want, but don't forget this is DDO lol. We are a community of a**holes with strong opinions, high IQs, and drug addictions so you be the judge.
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How to lose/hide your bonerPosted 6 years Ago

wtf DDO haha
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Scariest Movie Of All Time *Posted 6 years Ago

The Conjuring
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SecretsPosted 6 years Ago

Good at keeping other's secrets, but should the need arise I will tell.

very good at keeping mine unless I feel like sharing. But generally I don't, and if I don't I won't.
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I need advice.Posted 6 years Ago

You do have the right to privacy in all scenarios with a certified counselor/therapist UNLESS you express thoughts/notions/confessions to hurting yourself or someone else.

So yes you do have right to privacy, but a personal trainer is not bound by contract or law to adhere to this.

Even if they were bound by law, if you express thoughts/notions/confessions to hurting yourself or another, everyone (yes, whoever you tell, no matter who they are) is bound by law to go to an official/certified adult.

Think before you speak.
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Last text you send gamePosted 6 years Ago

it's in my locker but right now I'm trying duck soup have you
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Describe Your Sex Life with a Movie TitlePosted 6 years Ago

Cloudy with a Chance of ****Balls

I'm sorry I think I'm funny, but I am back :)
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