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Do we need to stop all of the people coming into our country illegally, Or send them back?


Illegal immigration is a dangerous cancer in our society and our country. To have anyone coming into our country at any time holds too many variables to account for. Are they pregnant? Are they infected with some disease? Do they want to work? Are they criminals? The definition of illegal immigration refers to the migration of people into a country in ways that violate the immigration laws of that country. In the United States of America, We cannot allow anyone to come into our country because i...

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Updated 3 Years Ago

Should We Ban Guns?


I do not believe in any more limitations or restrictions on guns than we do have now. We need to maintain our second amendment right for 2 reasons, Protection from internal threats such as robbers, Other people, Etc. And from domestic threats, Or from tyrannical governments. I would love to hear why you would like to strip us of a fundamental protection right, Your vindication or justification for it, And I have done some debates on here before and I have learned people don't really assert their...

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Updated 3 Years Ago

Is global warming real? CO2?


Global Warming is a hoax. Most of the statistics and charts you find on the internet are simply people who want funding, Want to push a leftist agenda, Or who haven't looked at the facts. To understand this issue, We must first define global warming. It is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Now, To say that the Earth is getting hotter may be true, But we cannot forget the context. We have been in this inter-glacial period for the last 10 thousand years, So h...

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Should abortion be stopped/only allowed in certain situations?


I am against abortion. To clarify, I believe in abortion when health issues are prominent. If the mother can not have the baby or both of them die, Etc, It should be her choice. I do not believe that you should be allowed to kill a baby because you made a mistake! Rape is 0. 1 percent of all abortions and health issues is below 5%. Almost 2. 5 billion babies have been murdered since 1980! One of those babies could be the next Ellon Musk, Steve Jobs, Or Oprah, Whoever! I am pro-choice, You have m...

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Should we ban guns?


Clearly, we can not ban guns! There was an assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004. Did you see a decrease in school shootings? No, because there was not, there was no decrease or increase in school shootings. We can not and will not ban semi-automatic weapons because people fist off do not know what that even means! They are any firearm which you push the trigger one time to shoot one bullet then click the trigger again. This would be almost all pistols, hunting rifles, and other rifles! Many sta...

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