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About Me:I'm a history student, who is mainly interested in music, gaming and history (ofcourse!) The debates of these three, are also what I love: is the youth ruining music with their society? Truth be told, I'm also kindof a loner who doesn't have many friends and definately doesn't have alot of luck with the girls (that picture is like, the only one of me and a girl!) My experiences in social groups like classes, sports, etc... have all been bad as I have a strong belief the human nature is evil, and that you can still see that in most people. I get very sad when people chase their own needs rather than showing empathy, which is why i'm constantly dissapointed by even my dearest friends and parents.
Activities:Playing the guitar and gaming, but also watching alot of movies/series!
Beliefs:1) human nature is evil 2) there exists something, a dieu horloger, but this thing is nothing like the gods from religion.
Books:Definately scott pilgrim as n1. authors i like: Stephen King and a bunch of local authors (dutch)
Movies:I can't possibly decide! If i had to name one quickly, it would probably be "the other guys". :)
Music:Red hot chili peppers, and then alot of other genres (rap, rock, pop) of which i just listen to whatever comes to mind!
TV Shows:The office! :D

Zombie games should stop being made.


Right, open debate. First round is acceptance. Basically, I'm stating that video games with zombies as a main mechanic (or unlockable mode) should not stop being made. I'm not talking about mods (so DayZ would count, but it wouldn't have back when it was just an Arma II mod). Good luck!...

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Naruto is overrated, and is average at its best


In this debate, me and my opponent will argue about Naruto, the series as a whole. I am currently still watching the show and am midway shippuden, and I don't read the manga (which might be slightly better in quality). By "average" I mean that this story wasn't written out decently, that it's a mixture of both good and bad ideas, and that in the end, even the biggest fan is left with quite a few serious iissues. The show is very repetetive as well. There is no true BoP for this debate,...

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The average girl is less into music than the average boy


ONLY GIRLS UP TO THE AGE OF 20 CAN ACCEPT! The title of this debate is a feeling I got, but ofcourse it doesn't count as much for adults. Neither can I prove it by any statistics... So, I'll try to prove that you, my opponent, is less into music than the average boy of your age! Pretty bold I think, not knowing who my opponent will be... First off, what will we consider "into music"? How do we measure that? We will measure it by the time spent on music, and the interest in music. Aga...

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Minecraft- A waste of time, or educational secrets?


Hello, Personally, I think minecraft can be educational and non-productive, but I'm going to write out why I think it is non-productive. A game I still play, that is very addicting. For some people, I know that they are hooked on minecraft. They play maybe 12 hours through a whole weekend. That's 6 hours in a day, or half the day in the screen! How do they do this? It is non-productive, having so many people missing out precious exam study time, which will add up to the university you get int...

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World War II


The Allies would have defeated Nazi Germany without the help of the USA. I will wait for my opponent to argue first....

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