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About Me:I am 16, I live in New Mexico. I am a Roman Catholic, and I am very strong in my faith. I like to debate about religon, because it makes my faith stronger. I also lioke to deabte about other things, so hope to debate you soon.
Beliefs:Ok go to a Roman catholic site, read that then come back here. I believe in most of what the church teaches. I feel that abortion is wrong. I belive that we are all equal, in every way. That is pretty much my belifs. If you didn't go to the site, you have no idea about my belifs.
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God does have a plan, but we still have free will.


God does have a divine plan for everybody. At the same time, God gives us all free will to do what we want. Some might say that this is contradicting. It is not, because God knows all the decisions we are going to make. He knows the decision we are going to make before we make it. If you read this correctly, the person is still makes the decision. God knows all the decisions in your life and has planned for them. He has planned everybody' decisions, so that they will be part of His big picture....

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The Holy Trinity is one God, but has three persons.


Some people, say that the Trinity is three gods. It is not, it is one God, with the persons of, God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. The three persons are all wound together to make one God. It is, and has to be perfect harmony between the three persons. The bible says that all three are equal. They all have different jobs, but all the jobs are of the same importance. They all carry out the same plan, so they work with each other. So they are one God....

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Military policy DADT = BAD


Note: I will be using the word "gay" as a catch all for LGBT for the soul purpose that I don't actually distinguish in my own mind or even care. DADT, short for "don't ask don't tell", is a public law put into effect in '93 by the Clinton administration. It was supposed to be one step up from the old law -which simply banned gays from serving in the military- by allowing them to serve but to keep their gay identity secret. The law mandates that witch hunts will not be done to seek out gay se...

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There is a God, He does exist!


God is all around us in all we do. He is in little things, but most important thing is he is in humans. How else would we all get here? If there is no God then why do we exist? What is our purpose with out God? In my op on in humans were made to worship God. I believe that He made humans, so that we could love Him by choice rather than by force. That is why we are here, and that is our propose....

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catholicism hgas all the anwsers


It has all the background. it has all the anwsers becase of the cathecism. it is alwasys out of the bible. catholicism is right. it is always right....

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