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About Me:I would like to be in the military when I get older, if we are in a war. The Mariene Corps would be my choice of branch, but we'll see. I love to watch sports. My favorite teams are the Yankees, Giants, Sharks, Knicks, Duke, Notre Dame. MY favorite sport though is auto racing. My favorite drivers are Dale Jr and Sr, Feilpe Massa, Tony Kannan, and Martain Truex. I like to watch Fox News and I'm into the stock market. When I'm older a plan to presue a job with cars or politics or money. I listen to country music (went on stage with Big and Rich) and a little U2 plus Bruce.
Activities:Auto Racing
Beliefs:I belive that everyone should support the troops, even if they don't support the war. Raise an American flag, get a car flaf, or just wear red on Fridays. Is it that hard?
Quotes:"We would act with possible and alone if necessary to unsure terrorist have no sanctuary anywhere." -President Ronald Regan

Barack Obama for President in 2008.


I think that a general election between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain would be one of the greatest campaigns in the history of the United States. I think that it would be one that focuses on the issues at hand; keeping away from the Bush, Clinton politics of the 1990's. I selected four rounds so that I may present my challenge in this the first round. The subsequent three rounds shall be the debate. I am proposing that we debate in favor of our candidates with one another. Let's discuss them on...

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The USFG should disallow torture and forgo using it as an interrogation technique.


Exactly as the title states. I will define torture as extreme anguish of body or mind, and I accept that torture can be both physical and psychological. I view all torture as illegitimate. I would like to debate these tenets: 1. Torture is dehumanizing and degrading. To torture any individual is to declare that their life is worthless and they are merely an object which can be used for a purpose. 2. I will make the preemptive argument that if you claim torture is legitimate, then...

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Biohistory, or digging up the body of dead people for science


Hello, this is a paper I did for science on biohistory. If you don't know what biohistory is, it is a new form a science. Scientist are (want to) dig(ing) up the bodies of famous people to check for dieses DNA etc. I think this is wrong and is against "rest in peace." I believe that biohistory, or the digging up of dead people, should not be allowed without consent. It is a violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Biohistory is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment...

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We should to war with Iran


Hello, IN your comment, it sounded like you wanted this debate. From the looks of the girl's first argument, I wished you had it. SO we'll restart with my first argument. Voters, check out to find out what I'm talking about. I've become interested in this topic since the most recent boat incident last week. Clearly Iran has been testing us to see what we're capable of. Reasons to go to war- 1)Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Preside...

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The US should go to war with Iran


I've seen your previous arguments and must say I strongly disagree with you and no one has been able to argue coherently against you, which is disappointing. Therefore, I have decided to challenge you to this debate. One of the oldest problems in United States foreign policy is the debate of power vs. principle. In the past half-century, the United States has lost favor in the international community for favoring the former over the latter. Instead of another preemptive war similar to Iraq, i...

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