So there's something called a morsel laterPosted 5 years Ago

So there's something called a morsel later that cuts the uterus into smaller pieces and it's a faction all right so let's just talk about it for me and about the pros and cons of my own meant to me vs. Maxgenics Alpha Fuel hysterectomy for many women they happen had kids or having completed their child bearing and so a hysterectomy is simply out of the question it usually is very effective for improving symptoms and the uterus is preserved so women retain that structure that may be important to them for their sense of being a woman the disadvantage is that new fibroids can grow a woman who has developed fibroids wines over the next five or ten years stands good chance of growing new ones not the ones that were taken out come back but new ones developed and unfortunately we don't have a way of stopping that from happening now the new fibroids may not cause symptoms that .
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