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A Secular Lifestyle is superior, and often more moral than a Religious one.


As an atheist living in America, I am often presented with many questions. Where do you get your morals? Aren't you sad that you won't go to heaven? Are you mad at god? Don't you wish you could believe? I've heard the last question even from fellow Atheists. Quite Frankly, no. I am completely satisfied as a non-religious individual and am infinitely more happy now then I was as a Christian growing up. For this debate I would prefer Christianity to be discussed, as that is the faith I have left,...

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Resolved: NATO presence improves the lives of Afghan citizens


I thank whoever that accepts my debate. Resolved, NATO presence improves the lives of Afghan citizens. I have to agree with this topic for the following reasons: 1.There has been substantial improvement 2.NATO Afghan has been much better than Taliban Afghan 3.Terrorism and safety My first contention is the fact that there has been substantial improvement in Afghanistan due to NATO. The Afghan war has had one of the lowest death per capita rates than any other war (with actual skirmishes...

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Government should be abolished


Before getting started, I would like to thank whoever accepts this debate and wish them good luck. That said, I will now begin my argument. In this debate, I hope to defend a radical claim, that government is unnecessary and undesirable. First, I must define what a government is. I define government as a geographical monopoly on the legal initiation of force. I define initiation of force as use of force against an individual who has not yet used force against the aggressor. Initiation of fo...

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Humans should be allowed to have pets.


Hello and welcome to my debate. Resolved: Humans should be able to have pets. Some people object this resolution and some agree with it, I will be Pro and my opponent will be Con. I will give my arguments in Round 2 and so on, I would appreciate it if my opponent would say he or she accepts the debate in their first round without the arguments; since I have the burden of proof. Now, I will state my definitions. Humans- a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens) Should- used in auxiliary functi...

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Snyder vs. Wesboro Baptist Church


I would like this to be a reasonable debate. Pro assumes the case of Albert Snyder, and Con will assume the Westboro case. Primarily, this scopes the right to privacy and to grieve vs. the constitutional amendment to protest under the First Amendment. The only rule is that you can not use the Supreme Court ruling as evidence in the debate. Good luck in the debate, Con. =Opening Statement= In a nation ravenged by war, it is universally beholden as truth that the lives given to protect anoth...

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