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You Surmise, I Decide, We Debate!


This is an interesting concept... This debate is totally open. You present three resolutions, which you will argue "Pro" for, in your first speech, making sure to detail your position. I will then select one of your three resolutions. This selected resolution will be the one we debate through the rest of the debate. Of course, the resolutions must have two conflicting sides... but that goes (hopefully) without saying. Best of luck to my opponent!...

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R: This house would increase regulation of the US economy in order to reign in the current recession


So, bsufan101, we meet again on the field of battle! In this debate, I will argue against the resolution, Resolved: This house would increase regulation of the US economy in order to reign in the current recession. Bsufan101 will argue in support of this resolution. As tradition holds, the affirmative, in this case my opponent, will open the debate. I heartily await his opening arguments!...

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2040 fed govt mandate all light trucks and cars in the US should be powered by alternative fuels


1. Helps fight global Warming. Environmental Defense 2003. Our light trucks and cars contribute more to global warming than 190 other countries. 2. Nano-solar technology is a viable option, it runs at 80 % efficiency only way to be better is having your car be a nuclear power plant. 3. helps solve oil dependency - oil dependence as bad as WMDs ( Senator Dick Lugar) - Oil dependency = 1/3 of the US's account deficit harming the US economy - Oil dependency funds terrorists, 1 million of Vele...

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The (January/February 2009) Lincoln–Douglas debate Resolutions.


I do not want to debate. I just want some one to read my case and destroy it. Please help me out and find all the cracks in my case and explain why there is a problem with my case.The actually resolution is; Resolved: The United States ought to submit to the jurisdiction of an international court designed to prosecute crimes against humanity. Please attack me in a constructive format! I will post my case when i find an opponent....

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Tuition Free High Education in US


...If person is qualified: she or he can be provided access to higher education for free (private and public colleges and universities) It will help US economy, stop outsourcing US jobs, etc EU - made this change - why we do not? Has this country ever done anything like this before? Answer: Yes the G.I. Bill, which provided access to higher education for 8 million returning veterans after World War II. It paid all tuition and fees, as well as a living-wage stipend for all qualifying vete...

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