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Activities:Auto Racing, Football, Weight Lifting
Beliefs:-There is no such thing as a black or white argument. There are always shades of gray. -In order to strive for world peace, we must realize and support the abolition of religion. -Every person should be guaranteed health care and an affordable (if not fully funded) education. -Relations with other countries and maintaining a good image are necessary to keep our world progressive. -The "trickle-down theory" does not work. We need a river at the lower levels leading to a unifying ocean. -We are all immigrants, but legal immigrants. Let's help the illegals become legal. -Everyone is guaranteed equal rights regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender (etc.). -Global warming is real. -Large cooperations rule the world, and we need to end their reign. -The workers keep a business functional, not the bureaucrats or even the customers. -Killing an innocent baby is wrong, but so is forcing a rape victim to give birth. Improvise. -Govt. programs are good, but need reforming.
Quotes:The oppressed are allowed every few years to decide which representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them. Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but chains.
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Affirmative ActionCon
Animal RightsN/S
Barack ObamaN/S
Border FenceCon
Civil UnionsPro
Death PenaltyCon
Drug LegalizationPro
Electoral CollegeN/S
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate TaxPro
European UnionN/S
Federal ReserveN/S
Flat TaxCon
Free TradeN/S
Gay MarriagePro
Global Warming ExistsPro
Gold StandardN/S
Gun RightsCon
Internet CensorshipN/S
Iran-Iraq WarCon
Labor UnionPro
Legalized ProstitutionN/S
Medicaid & MedicarePro
Medical MarijuanaPro
Military InterventionN/S
Minimum WagePro
National Health CarePro
National Retail Sales TaxPro
Occupy MovementN/S
Progressive TaxPro
Racial ProfilingCon
Smoking BanPro
Social ProgramsPro
Social SecurityPro
Stimulus SpendingN/S
Term LimitsPro
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanPro
War on TerrorPro