Funny MoviesPosted 8 months Ago

I think the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is funny. It like a "not bad joke" type of funny. I think it is good haha :P
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alprazolamPosted 9 months Ago

Is Alprax a sleeping pill?

Yes, Alprax 0. 25 Tablet makes you sleepy. Sedation (sleepiness) is a very common side effect of Alprax 0. 25 Tablet.
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Best Medicine to Treat AcnePosted 9 months Ago

I'm trying a few types of acne treatment but only some of it works. But not the best. . .
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Movie suggestionsPosted 9 months Ago

I can't think of any movie that has depth as deep as you want but maybe an action movie would be good?

The recent one I watch is Escape Plan: HADES. I would say that this movie is nice (9. 5/10)
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DinosaurPosted 10 months Ago

I have a really big interest in dinosaurs. But the fact that being a paleologist required too much to study and I'm lazy. I want to ask if anybody know any websites or games or blog that I can use to learn about the dinosaur? The details one haha :) Thankyou
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Relax with the gamePosted 10 months Ago

psssttt. . How to look for it since you don't leave any link haha
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FuturePosted 10 months Ago

I was wondering about the future for a moment, I thought that living a normal life will be far than possible. I was thinking of how everything will get better, How the technology will get better, How the world started to change. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE IN THAT KIND OF ATMOSPHERE?
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Ready for IELTSPosted 11 months Ago

I would like to ask:

- Do anybody. Know how to take the exam? Does it happened online or offline?
- How much for one exam?
- How many tests for one IELTS?
- If I fail? What happened?
- What should I do to prepare for the test?

Thankyou so much.
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The Games People PlayPosted 11 months Ago

Sorry to ask but what is this thread is about actually?
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yugioh or pokemon?Posted 11 months Ago

Training Pokemon is like owning a pet. You get to watch it gain experience, Level up, Evolve, Learn new tricks, Etc. They travel alongside you and loyally battle for you as you journey through the game. They also are generally cute and colorful so that they can appeal to all ages.
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