Peta is EvilPosted 3 months Ago

I wouldn"t say PETA is 100% evil".but they have done some cruel things before. For example in 2016, PETA euthanized more than 1400 cats and dogs at its Norfolk, Virginia shelter. They defended their actions as ethically and economically necessary.
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Chaos is of absolute importence to lifePosted 3 months Ago

Sometimes yes. War is inevitable in the world as much as we want to stop it. Even in order to obtain peace, We"ll have to fight for it. For example, Slavery, Police brutality, Corruption etc.
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More harm than good?Posted 3 months Ago

I don"t believe video games has done more harm than good to society. I do agree that some people get addicted to video games but that can be said to anything else really. In fact, Thanks to video games, It brought people together for example dads and sons, People from all over the world etc.
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Heath and FitnessPosted 3 months Ago

Anyone here considered airfryer? Cutting calories in your diet is more effective than exercise. I'm also exercise but I still need to satisfy my craving! Air fryer really helps in reducing my calorie intake. You can check out how it works

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What is courage?Posted 3 months Ago

Courage to me is the ability to overcome fear. There"s no such thing as being fearless, Everyone is afraid of something". But overcoming that fear is what makes the person courageous.
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The punishment for murder should be deathPosted 3 months Ago

I disagree. What if the person killed because of self defense? If we blindly punish death to all that killed someone even though for self-defense, Looks like we defending the criminals.
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Society needs leaders and guidancePosted 3 months Ago

I agree, I think without any leaders, Society will be in chaos. There will be power struggles and fights with people. But sometimes, Society will follow their leader even when their leader is wrong. That"s why we need to be smart in choosing one.
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Is A. I. more dangerous than nukes?Posted 3 months Ago

Yes, For me A. I. Is much more dangerous than nukes. Our technology improves and more and more autonomous weapons are being built.
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What's the aim of life?Posted 3 months Ago

Everyone"s aim of life is different. Some people just want to be rich, Some famous, Some want to get married and have children"the list goes on. But to me, The meaning of life is to live life to the fullest and have fun while you"re at it.
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What is defined as good or evil?Posted 3 months Ago

I guess society is the one who defines what"s good and evil. When we donate to a good cause, It"s a good deed. But if a person kills someone who is evil, Is the person good or bad? That"s why there"s always a split in opinions from society.
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