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About Me:idk.... im in middle school, I have a dog named Charlie, a fish named Squishy, and an Anole named Mushu.
Activities:Im in a 4-H club, I love to sing, and I play cello and piano. Oh and I don't like sports, never will.
Beliefs:I believe that I should stop spending so much time on this website and actually get my homework done for once....
Books:Gone series by Michael Grant, The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner, and Matched series by Ally Condie Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Movies:Living on One Dollar, The Circle, After The Dark, Hunger Games Trilogy, The Giver, a bunch of others that I can't think of right now....
Music:Ludovico Einaudi The Piano Guys Pentatonix
Quotes:"Don't only practice your art but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine" ~Ludwig Beethoven

"Art decorates space but music decorates time" ~ unknown

"She was his. And he was hers. And this was their world." ~Fear by Michael Grant

"Take me to the river, take me to the sea, climb the highest mountain and go there with me" ~When I Close My Eyes

"When I close my eyes then I can see, When I close my eyes I'm alive. When I close my eyes then I can see, and I am not afraid" ~When I Close My Eyes
Sports Teams:The Dolphins because their uniforms look cool
TV Shows:Switched at Birth, Criminal Minds, Flip or Flop, Saving Hope,
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Tobacco had a positive influence on the Jamestown colony


In the year 1602, King James I of England granted a charter for a group called the "Virginia Company" to establish colonies in the American state of Virginia. By the year 1607, 104 English men stepped foot into North America. May 13th of that year, they picked a spot and named it Jamestown. The colonists had to adjust to hard labor in order to survive but they managed. That is, until the winter of 1609, when things to a turn for the worst. This is known as the "starving period" and it was a horr...

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Ladybugs are helpful to us and deserve respect


Here is a sad story: My friend who we shall call Bette saw a harmless little ladybug in her room. One helpless little ladybug who was just trying to find a warm place to sleep and maybe survive until the rest of his/her 15 day life cycle[1] was up. He/she was only going to live 15 days max but bette decided to cut their little life short so that she could continue living her +70 yr life span. This little lady bug was minding its own business when suddenly, out of the blue, a hand comes down and...

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Did tobacco positively influence the southern colonies?


When John Rolfe came to Jamestown in 1610 he brought tobacco to the suffering colony. Tobacco became the first cash crop in America. A cash crop is a crop produced to earn money rather than to use yourself. The demand for tobacco was growing back in England and the colonists were running low on supplies because they had to pay them to the British. They were able to make a deal to trade tobacco equally for some other supplies that helped to boost the American Economy. These are a few examples on...

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Fish are the best pets!


Fish are definitely the best pets! The first round will just be to say you accepted the challenge and to get started the next rounds will be actual arguments about if other animals are better. May the best debate win! ( I really don't want to do my homework :p)...

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