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Beliefs:I assume you mean religious beliefs. Well, I am a Christian, that is to say I believe in the message of Christ. But do I know if Jesus was an actual person who walked the earth? I cannot say, because I do not have any evidence to prove it. "Then why are you a Christian?" you might ask. Well, I believe in the message of Christ, as portrayed in the Bible. So, I believe in Christ. I do not know if there is a heaven or a hell. I am not in a position to know and I find it foolish for humans to attempt to understand whether there is or not. But if there is a heaven, as described in the Bible, then I believe that there is no check-list to get into it. Everyone "gets in" because the message of Jesus is forgiveness, and therefore Jesus and God would most certainly forgive us. Although it may seem as if I have made up my mind about little, I have made up my mind that there is a God. Now is God a guy with sandals and long grey hair? I do not know, and I shall never. But I believe in God.
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Resolved: The USFG should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the US.


This is going to be a standard policy debate with all the regular parts of a policy debate. Do not accept this if you do not know how to do policy debate. Pro, your next speech will be the 1AC....

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The patriot act is constitutional.


There is no possible way on earth that the patriot act is supported by the constitution. In the U.S. supreme court case Katz v. United States, the high court ruled that warrentless wiretaps are unconstitutional. Warentless wiretaps are one of the main ways the U.S. patriot act spies on U.S. citizens. The P.A. is also in violation of the 4th amendment, which states that warrentless searches and seizures are unconstitutional. The supreme court also ruled in Katz that things said are also evidence...

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Evolution should not be taught in schools.


I would like to start out by saying that I do actually think that evolution SHOULD be taught in school. I created this debate to challenge myself and see if I can come up with an argument for why it should not be taught in schools. So don't take it personally if I offend you, and remember : THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THE FOLLOWING DEBATE DO NOT MIRROR THOSE OF THE DEBATIORS!!! Let's say you are a Jew who goes to a public school in America. A teacher begins a lesson on Jesus and says that "Jesus i...

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Clarence Thomas isn't fit to be on the Supreme Court.


Many people know of Clarence Thomas, the only african american on the Supreme Court. He is also one of the two most conservative justices on the court. This is a bit of a suprise, as over 90% of african americans vote Democrat, the liberal party in the United States. Below are the reasons that I think C.T. isn't fit to be on the Supreme Court: Disagreement with Stare Deceisis: S.D. is the legal principal that literally means "let it stand". This is the principal that once a court rules one...

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Automotive companies in Michigan should not replace low skill laborers with automation.


Automotive companies in Michigan should not replace low skill laborers with automation. Michigan currently has the highest unemployment rate in the United Sates of 7.5%. By replace low skill laborers with automation, we will only depress Michigan's economy further. Automotive companies in Michigan currently face a multitude of problems, many of them in the area of finance. One may believe the answer to the problems is to replace the blue-collar workers with automation. The end result of this act...

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