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About Me:I am a free-thinking individual looking for logical stimulation. If you also feel this way, we already have something in common. Feel free to message me any time, and perhaps we can travel at least part of the road to satisfaction together.
Activities:Browsing the web, overthinking the big things, underthinking the little things, playing piano (badly), drawing (badly), writing (badly) and singing (badly). If you want confirmation of those last four I will post examples under pressure.
Beliefs:I believe in following your heart and using your brain. I personally am skeptical of religion, but if one is religious and also doing the two things above, I don't mind.
Books:I'm partial to the Attack on Titan manga. My favorite character from this series is Erwin Smith, who is pictured in some fanart I found that I made my profile picture.
Movies:Koyaanisqatsi, Eraserhead, Dead Leaves, The Room (sarcastically but with some strange sort of affection)
Music:The Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack currently. I like experimental music and have had a leaning towards J-Rock in the past.
Quotes:I don't want to leave this box blank, but...
Sports Teams:The Green Bay Packers American football team (I'm not big into sports but I've grown up with my parents yelling at the Packers every Sunday throughout the fall and winter so I don't have much of a choice)
TV Shows:Almost everything on Adult Swim (as you may have already guessed, I like surreal humor), especially shows that Tim and Eric have produced and China, Il, Attack on Titan, Law and Order SVU (for the same reason as The Room)
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the mentally challenged should be in special homes

they need to explore. go to school and learn things. if you keep them in special homes they won't be able to do that? I don't know......

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Businesses Have a Right to Discriminate


In light of the recent news on a specific Indiana pizzeria refusing to cater a gay wedding, the argument needs to be debated: do businesses have a right to discriminate? I will press the argument that private businesses should have a legal right to choose who they do business with and that it is not the position of any government to interfere in their freedom of choice. Who would like to have a civil debate?...

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