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About Me:I am a twenty something from England. I come from a well educated background and have lived in big cities all my life. I am a very curious person and am constantly seeking to better understand the world around me. I have been very uninterested in the big issues until very recently. Since then religion, and its effect and relationship, with humanity has become a very important thing to me and it is an avenue I wish to explore and become involved in.
Activities:I play a lot of video games, watch a lot of movies and read a fair few books. Aside from those I used to be an Arborist and have taught myself how to use nunchuks.
Beliefs:I was a commited agnostic until about a year ago and was the first so stand up on the side of religion. But I read a series of fiction novels that completely changed my view and copious amounts of research later I find myself a staunch atheist. I beleive in peace, love and care for all but I beleive firmly that it has nothing to do with any of the established religions.
Books:The Horus heresy, Battle Royale, World War Z
Movies:Planet of the Apes, the Thing,
Music:Red Hot Chili peppers and many more I can not think of right now
Sports Teams:Dont really follow sports
TV Shows:Community, Walking Dead, Venture bros, Game of Thrones
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Biblical creationism has been debunked by modern science


I am of the belief that Creationism has been comprehensively debunked by modern science and that all evidence for it has been misinterprated, based on ignorance or comes from intellectualy biased sources. Evolutionary biology and other areas of science have given us enough of an idea of the origin of life and the universe to know the bibles creation story is not tue....

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