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Ideology:Liberal Education:Some College
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Relationship:In a Relationship Income:$35,000 to $50,000
Interested:No Answer Occupation:Technical
Looking:No Answer Religion:Secular
About Me:Disregard all the Anarchist nonsense in my Big Issues. I spent 2 hours updating it, then DDO crashed or something and all my changes were lost. I'm Tom.
Activities:I'm pretty boring. Work, travelling and sleep take up far too much time. Outside that, I like spending time with my daughters watching cartoon and talking trash. I like gaming. I much prefer smoking a little bit of weed to drinking. I watch a lot of YouTube and listen to a lot of podcasts. I have to try very hard not to sh!tpost all over Facebook, Twitter and reddit everyday and to just lurk and enjoy the sh!tposting of other people.
Beliefs:I believe that while everyone could benefit from having children, most 21st century people are unfit for the job. I believe we are living in the most interesting times ever, but that doesn't mean we should not ignore history. I believe that the West is stagnating and a lot of our systems need a huge overhaul. I believe we can learn a lot from religion and that arguing against the eternal sky daddy should be left to clever 14 year olds. I still believe the hamburger is the ultimate food, but I like pizza better.
Books:1984 and Animal Farm still standout amongst the most influential books I've ever read. I have a special place in my heart for Harry Potter and to a lesser extent The Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix. Recently been listening to a lot of audiobooks, since my current job involves a fair bit of driving. Recently enjoyed Sapians by Yuval Noah Harari, SPQR by Mary Beard and A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage. Magician by Raymond Feist was also good, but the end didn't leave me super keen to continue the series.
Movies:From Dusk Till Dawn remains my favourite movie of all time. Find myself watching a hellava lot of kids movies these days, with my nightly viewing tending to be TV shows. Moana was really good. So was Doctor Strange.
Music:Like Rap music the most. Liked Punk when I was younger.
Quotes:"I said do what I say, not do what I do."
Sports Teams:None. Tempo Storm and Team Solomid for Hearthstone players.
TV Shows:Been enjoying the Netflix Marvel shows. Watch Daredevil S01, Jessica Jones S01, currently watching Daredevil S02. Still enjoying Walking Dead. Loved Breaking Bad. Silicon Valley is the funniest show on TV. I watch a ton of cartoons, just like I promised myself I would when I was a kid. Currently loving Regular Show.

Is Facebook losing its popularity?


I don't think that Facebook will die. It has made acquisitions on several other popular social platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram etc. These are supporting Facebook as a whole. It has also invested into Oculus rift, which is going to revolutionise computer experience. What do you guys think?...

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Rap Battle


Haven't done one of these in a while; Real simple kids. 4 rounds. You automatically win the coin flip, so you can choose whether you go first or not. Either start spitting in your round 1, or simply accept. 1,000 character limit because mofos be babbling on and on in these things and I don't have time for that. I recommend you stick to 16 bars, but whatever. 2 rounds of battles, simple voting, 1 months until winner is decided, min 2000 Elo score so someone of reasonable quality accepts. If...

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Pinkie Pie Could Exist If She Wanted To


And yes, I mean this Pinkie Pie (the one from My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, in case the image does not show). I'm usually quite of semantics, but lezbe honest.First round is for acceptance, good luck :) ...

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On balance, Justin Bieber is a worse influence on teenagers than Miley Cyrus

tvellalott This debate is the first debate of Ryuu's first gauntlet tournament! I am a fairly new debater, though I plan on giving this debate my absolute best and working my way up the ladder. (As per tournament rules, this is a serious debate, about a fun topic. No trolling should be done whatsoever). Roles: Challenger -- This is the person going through the Gauntlet challenge. This person will debate each person signed up to the chall...

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Diablo 3 is superior to Diablo 2


Hello everyone!INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITIONSThis debate will be focusing on the Blizzard's Diablo series, particularly Diablo 3 (released around 15 months ago) and Diablo 2 (released over a decade ago, but still with an active community).Just some clarifications; when I say 'Diablo 2' I am speaking of course of the game as it is today (1.13d), including all the updates that have taken place over course of the game as well as the awesome expansion pack Lord of Destruction that was released around...

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Doctor Manhattan versus Doctor Strange
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