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About Me:im cool funny love rap and i love debating. I play football and work out on a regular basis. im up for anything and love arguing everything even if i agree with it. deuces
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Beliefs:i am extremly to the right on most issues. I am a war monger i hate illegal immigrants and i love my country. strangly i am also a democrat which to some doesnt make any sense. oh yea i always win my arguments so attack at your own risk....hahaha (was the evil laugh to cliched for a conservative)
Quotes:"my seconds minutes hours go to the all mighty dollar" dwayne carter
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"I think therefore I am," is fundamentally flawed.


i saw your debate against someone else on this same topic in which you won but it was unfair because your opponent had no freakin idea what the actual argument was about...basically im saying you had a free lunch and i would love to make you work for it... since you are the or "pro" i'll allow you to make the first opening statement...

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For now being born in the US should not make someone a citizen unless 1 of there parents is a citize


In the status quo there are over 22 million illegal immigrants in our great country. If half of these immigrants were to produce one child with another illegal immigrant that would mean 11 million more unexpected people in our population. Now i am pretty sure that my opponent will argue that populations naturally balance themselves out but this argument would only be relevant if these were normal circumstances. Our country has never seen an illegal immigration problem like the one we are current...

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