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About Me:a really into debate so i can express my self thats all you need to know till you talk to me laters!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Books:To many to count!!!!!!!!!
Movies:saw, haloween, dispicable me, the outsiders, pay it forward, couples retrite, prince of persia sands of time.
Music:Theory of a deadman, Three days grace, Bob marley,
Quotes:( girl asks boy ) do you think i am hot ? (boy) No. (girl) do you want to be with me forever? (boy) No. (girl with tears in her eyes asks ) would you cry if i walked away right now? (boy) No. ( girl turns to walk away about to cary and boy grabs her wrist and says) No your noy hot your beatiful. No i dont want to be with you forever i need to be with you forever. No i would not cry if you walked away i would die. ( then boy wispers) Please stay. ( girl wispers back and says) Forever.
Sports Teams:football: ohio state and steelers
TV Shows:NCIS, cia maimi, law and order, anime.
5 Debates

Should hunting remain legal?


I would like whomever accepts this debate to actually be against hunting. The last two times I debated this, my opponent wasn't against hunting. So, if you are going to accept, please be against hunting. I am asserting that hunting SHOULD remain legal, the person that accepts this debate will be arguing against hunting. Here's how the debate will go. R1 I will enter my opening arguments; my opponent enters opening arguments and rebuttals. R2 We both enter rebuttals. R3 We both enter rebutt...

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should schools get more snow days?


I would like to start off and say no schools do not need more snow days. I will not further my debate untill whom every my oppenet turns out to be starts. I would like to say good luck to s/he....

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should animes be banned?


our elders say that anmies should not be wacthed by us kids but, i want to know how are they differant from our cartoons their just in a differant aspect really....

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should school have longer days ?


I think school should not have longer days because, 1. kids are already tired by the end of school days now. 2. with a longer school day people would learn less because they would be more exhausted and cause a sorter attention spam. who ever my oppenet is please donot critacize about spelling....

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michael jackson alive


to my belief micheal jackson is still alive but his familly does not know this. you may ask how did he get away with it well god and jackson only know but he may have not relized what he done when he done it cause there was so much going on he had a lot of bad pupblistaty and that mite be one of the main reasons jackson facked his death yes i agree he was a great pop singer but he did have bad just like every one else exepct he could not take it and if jackson is reading any of this then maybe h...

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