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About Me:ok where do i begin? lets start with im a 14 year old girl, canadian(wont tell you where in canada though i do want to move to saskachen) im fairly tall and on the chubby side(ok im pretty fat but i deal with it ok?) at school i am the shy, awkward, weird, loner girl that sits and reads and writes poems as everyone else is hanging with their friends. i dont mind much seeing as i live 30 mins out of town and dont have many kids around to bug me. if you do know me i'll probaly come across as sarcastic, enthusiastic, still strange, slightly bitchy, funny, and mabye a little sad. i consider myself a deep person and got on debate mostly cause i have no friends to talk to(except my cats and dogs but mostly they just listen to me ;) i look nothing like todays girls. instead of fluffy tops and skinny jeans i wear a baggy hoody, loose jeans,worn out muddy sneakers and a backwards facing black baseball cap. that might seem "punk" but really im a "good girl"(straight As!) anyways i'll shut up now
Activities:Activities? is this like what i do with my time or something? ok i'll just list some of the things i like to do. i love music, art, reading, animals, writing, and quietness!!! seriously, if it was up to me i would sit in my room all day, in the dark, writing, reading, drawing, and watching videos on my laptop. i hate sports (dont like compitation mostly because i usually will lose) dont like exercise and would sit on my ass all weekend if my parents werent on me to get some fresh air.
Beliefs:i have no beliefs but try to respect other peoples religions. Just please dont stuff it down my throat!
Books:you do NOT want to get me started on books. i read like three books a day(no exaggeration)and have two bookselves overflowing in my small crowded room.i mostly i read fiction but will read just about anything. and even if im hating a book im reading i'll force myself to read the whole thing. the only books i cant stand are mysterys. i tried reading nancy drew(moms fav) and i just about killed someone. it was soooo boring(no offense to any that like that crap). im in that awkward "Teen" stage. cant read the 100 page "kid" books but have no interest in the "adult novels"(also boring). so read; harry potter(great), warriors(also cool), wolf brother(one of my favs), the hunger games(hated last book though!), percy jackson, rangers apprentice, how to train your dragon(all good)twilight(sorry). also love the authors; bill wallace(more kiddy)eric walters(yay he's canadian!) and jodi picoult. i could list on and on but im out of characters so i'll be quiet now. OH! i love the outsiders!!! ;)
Movies:probaly the hangover just cause i loved my butt off and still do when i re-watch it(didnt like the sequel as much)
Music:love music its my life. i myself play the clarinet in school band and piano and USED to sing in a choir(no churches). i grew up in a house with no tv, internet, or "new music" till i was about 12. so i am completely new to taylor swift(who i dont mind) compared to the beatles i grew up with. love; nickelback(they are so awesome!!!) the offspring(equally amazing)the guess who,coldplay,sum41,the fray,the trews,taylor swift(i know)cage the elephant(i luv these guys, not so well known so look them up for me!)led zep.linkin park,queen(you know their songs for sure)the presidents,supertramp,kelly clarkson,adam lambert, and green day. weird mix of new and old, hah? i think music should live in harmony. no "old music is better" or "old music sucks" shit. jeez people its music!just shut up and listen!the only music i dont like is rap(most of it to me is swearing with no real tone) and blues.*shudder* blues is horrible!!! rock is much more my speed.
Sports Teams:hate sports. both playing(cause im lazy) and watching(i find it boring).
TV Shows:i dont watch much tv but when i do its usually to watch Criminal Minds which is the best show ever created!!! seriously, im like obsessed. i seen every episode so far, can quote some of the episodes word for word, and own all 7 seasons on dvd. my only complaint about it is that now im parinoid about everything.(thats what i get for watching 200 episode of physcopaths killing people! XD)
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