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Is ethnocentric hatred towards Arabs justified?


So let me tell you my background. I was a racist until I was 15 when I accepted racial unity for religious reasons. That said, even when I was racist, I never understood treating people badly. I feel that hating Arabs is just is wrong as hating black people, or whatever. Not now, nor will I ever understand this. Even 9/11 did not change my mind because humans are disgusting in general. I'm white, but come on white people. We have our own sins to deal with. Notice that I don't care if my belief i...

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People are not extinct only because it is illegal to kill them.


This debate focuses on how humans would no doubt kill each other with no limit except for the fact that it is illegal to kill other people. Pro (me, unless you are supremely good at hacking into random debate websites) will argue that Violence would win out and that humans would kill other humans in the event of such a situation in which murder is acceptable and unpunished by law. Con will argue that humans would not kill each other, for whatever reason they choose (morality, limitations,...

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A Woman Can Rape a Man


My argument: if a woman engages with sexual intercourse, of any kind, with a man that is unable to consent (due to being intoxicated or under age) or is simply just not consenting, it constitutes as rape. This is gender equality; if a man can rape a woman then, equally, a woman can rape a man. Also, this kind of sexual assault is often not taken very seriously and the man is mocked, which is, quite simply, bullying and sexist....

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Am I the only person who thinks the Divergent movie was terrible?


It was barely anything like the book. They did stuff that didn't even happen in the book like Tris getting "kicked out" of Dauntless then she makes this stupid recovery and runs to the train. I don't think that happened in the book....

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Should schools be mandatory?


I am not talking about education being neglected. I am talking about attendance to school being compulsory. Any one is welcome to present their opinions about why schools should be mandatory. Forfeiting will automatically be assumed as giving up. Good grammar and spelling is required. Please no trolling and offensive intents. Here is my argument. When something is mandatory, people feel obliged and forced to do it, and are more likely to be unhappy and reluctant in the process, kids are...

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